Saturday, December 13, 2008


It was my brother, Twist's birthday November 28th. Thanks to Delirious for reminding me. That was the weekend we were coming home from our Thanksgiving trip to Texas, and the next few days were very crazy getting ready to leave for Ireland. I told myself I would blog about him once I got to Ireland, so here it is a little late.
Twist is my sibling just younger than me. What I remember about him as a kid was always being a very curious little boy. He was always taking something apart to see how it worked. He was always rigging things up too. I remember one time he fixed a string from the light switch in his room so he could lay in bed and pull the string and turn out the light.
Twist always had some kind of bug in a jar. He was always getting an old mayonaise or jam jar and poking holes in it for his bug. I remember him reading about his bugs in the encyclopedias too. The encyclopedias seemed to be his favorite books. Our "B" encyclopedia, if I remember right, had color pictures of lots of bugs. Twist would read about them, and lots of other things and tell us the trivia and interesting facts about what he had read. Not to be a bore, just because it was something he learned and wanted to share.
I really didn't know Twist that well when he was a teenager. I moved out of the house at 17 - he would have been 14. I appreciated Delirious' blog telling about him so I could learn.
Twist is very easy-going and patient. I don't know if I have ever seen him in a bad mood. A year ago October, my parents came for my son's wedding. Twist told me he would go with me to drive them back. We drove them home one day, and got up the next morning and drove back home. I enjoyed the time to talk and talk with Twist. It seemed we never ran out of anything to talk about. One thing I really like talking Twist about is Harry Potter. He is just as big of a fan as I am.
Here are some words that describe Twist: Adventurous, adept, curious, smart, funny, wry, devoted, patient, comfortable, loving, sportsman, fisherman, Star Wars fan, Harry Potter fan,tough, flexible, great, honest, kind, nutty, generous, wishful, spiritual, true, good, likeable, witty, brother.
Happy Belated Birthday Twist! I love you!

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deputymomof6 said...

That is so nice of you to do. I love learning new things about people in the family. Now maybe I will remember everyone's names!! I am bad with names, just ask my kids!!!