Sunday, December 28, 2008


My husband shared an Intel video with me that is going to be a new commercial. I tried to put in on my blog, but I guess Intel security won't let me. In the video it asks the question "Can you choose to be genius?" I thought it was a great video and it made me start thinking. Can you choose to be a genius? Now I know that brains plays a part in there somewhere, but I don't think everyone who invents something or comes up with a new system on how to do things is a candidate for Mensa. How many times have people had their ideas squelched because they weren't what was wanted at the time, or were silly, dumb, seemingly ineffective, too costly, too complicated, too simple, etc, etc. How many future geniuses were discouraged by verbally abusive parents, teachers, supervisors, friends, bosses, siblings, or by just a lack of belief in theirselves?
We live in an age where technology and infomation are at our fingertips (this was brought out by the video also). But we have so many other things that keep us busy, that many genius candidates simply do not take the time to ponder or meditate on that idea in their head.

If you would like to read an article I found about this subject, copy and paste this into your browser:


Bullet for Babs said...

Not only that but how many geniuses never have the chance to be genius? What if there is another Mozart or Beethoven out there that can't get his voice heard because he can't get a record contract? What if there is a Dickens or Hemingway out there that can't get published? I think about this stuff a lot.

Bullet for Babs said...

Also, I tried to read the article but it told me that it could not be found.

Nene said...

Are you sure you copied and pasted it into your browser? I just did it and it went straight to it.

Inside Stories said...

Or you might be a genius in just one area. I think we limit ouirselves a lot. When I worked at the jail I saw beautiful art work done by inmates who didn't know they could draw until they got bored in their jail cell.