Tuesday, July 29, 2008


On our way back from vacation, we stopped at Cameron so my husband could finish a teleconference meeting. He had experienced some outages in some remote places we had driven through so didn't want to lose his connection again. I went into the Trading Post to "shop" but only ended up buying a cheap bracelet. An hour later I went back to the parking lot to see if the meeting was over. I noticed a group of foreign young people gathered around the front of my truck. One boy was taking a picture of my front license plate, which is in fact not a license plate, but a dealer's decorative plate, which for some reason we have not removed yet. This decorative plate has a bull on it because it is the dealer's logo. I thought it was funny that this kid was taking a picture of it.

I found out that the meeting was just ending, so my husband and I went back into the Trading Post to eat lunch in their dining room. We ordered Navajo Tacos. Oh. My. Gosh! Those were the best Navajo Tacos I have ever had! Unfortunately they were also the biggest. I swear that we both ate for 20 minutes and our plates didn't even look like we had made a dent in them! We finally gave up because we were so full. I guess we should have either shared one, or gotten the "Mini Navajo Taco" instead. It was a dollar cheaper, but the word "mini" made me think it would be too small, and since everything in the Trading Post was so expensive, I thought the food would be too. I can't wait until next year!


gilbert girl said...

sounds yummy...those are j's favorite thing in the world.

Amber said...

I'm glad ya'll had fun and didn't know you were home yet, but I'm glad :)