Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I have a twisted mentality.  Many of you may have already come to that conclusion.  This last week we've had  our share of, shall we say, "drama" in our life.  When you get that much going on, you have to resort sometimes, to a sense of humor even though the situations are not humorous in the least degree.  One day I was contemplating the trials we were going through and all of a sudden several phrases from the scriptures starting coming to my mind.  These were scripture phrases that described the trials and afflictions we may encounter in our life.  I actually started laughing as I remembered some of these.  This led to me searching my scriptures via the topical guide to find all the phrases that describe trials, burdens and afflictions.  Here's my list:
- Not even feel them on your back
- More than you can bear
- Fiery trials
- Supported in your trial
- Trial of affliction
- Affliction shall be but a small moment
- Comfort in my affliction
- Afflictions in the wilderness
- All manner of afflictions
- Sore afflictions
- Great afflictions
- Joy in my afflictions
- In the day of mine afflictions
- Yoke of affliction
- Burden upon my shoulders
- Cannot feel afflictions on your back
- Visited in mine afflictions
- Famine and afflictions
- Time of my affliction
- Notwithstanding my afflictions
- Many afflictions
- In the midst of my afflictions
- Grievous burdens
- Burden of Babylon
- Heavy burdens
- False burdens
- One another’s burdens
- bread of affliction
- water of affliction
- one day rest from all your afflictions
- bear with those afflictions
- because of my afflictions
- mine afflictions were great above all
- in the furnace of affliction
- communicate with my affliction
- patient in afflictions
- remembering mine affliction
- affliction shall not rise up the second time
- the affliction of our fathers
- in the land of my affliction
- bound in affliction
- add affliction to my bonds
- great were their afflictions
- endure afflictions
- suffer afflictions
- our light affliction
- a great trial of affliction
- affliction in the day of their calamity
- much affliction in the wilderness
- yoke of affliction
- tremendous affliction
- burdens grievous to be borne
- the yoke of his burden
- great trial of affliction
There you go.... :0)


Delirious said...

lol these are good!

I just finished Hunger games. The Butler did it. ;)

Dee Ice Hole said...

YUP---we've had a few of those.

Blogging About The WORD said...

Thank you Elder Dallin H. Oaks for this very useful list: "Trials, Afflictions and Burdens." I think periodically Believers of Jesus Christ need a reminder of the various ways we face trial of afflictions. I find you list very useful and relevant to a post I wore today, How to Deal With Trial of Affliction; I had to link to your list in my post. Again, thank you and the Lord Jesus Christ continues to bless you and yours.
Leroy A. Daley