Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I lost my purse today. I took a lady to lunch today that I had worked with when I was RS president. We went to Applebees and when we left the resturaunt I was thinking to myself that I would put my purse on the armrest on top of the kleenex box in my jeep instead of under my feet (like I had done on the way there.) After I dropped her off at her apartment, I started to drive away and noticed that the kleenex box was sliding around so I picked it up off of the armrest and threw it on the passenger seat. Then it hit me - WHERE WAS MY PURSE? I quickly looked around and didn't find it, so did a u-turn and went back to her apartment. I asked her if she had mistakenly picked up my purse as she got out of the car, but she insisted that she hadn't. I drove back to the resturaunt and asked them if they had seen it. They hadn't. I drove back to her apartment, and she was gone. I went home for awhile and called my husband (who is still in Ireland). About an hour later, I went back to her apartment again. She was still gone. I waited for about 30 minutes until she got back, then asked her if I could come in and look around her apartment, just in case. I sort of felt bad doing this, but she is almost 80 and a "little" eccentric (a little?). :0) It wasn't there. She also told me that when she left, SHE had gone back to Applebees. I cringed to hear this, because she has no qualms about yelling at people. :0+ (eccentric?) I left and went back to Applebees and asked them if I could leave my name and phone number. I also went to check their bathroom and my waiter went to check the men's room (just in case someone had picked it up to steal it and went to the bathroom to empty out what they wanted). It wasn't in either place. Then I went out to my car, totally depressed. As I went to get in my jeep, I leaned over and peered in the side back window - - and saw A BLACK STRAP AND A GOLD BUCKLE! I immediately opened the back of the jeep, and folded the back seat out (to put it back up), then went to the front seat and scooted the driver's seat forward so I could reach in the back seat - AND PULL OUT MY PURSE!!! I couldn't believe it! It had obviously fallen between the front and back seat. I didn't think it could even fit back there, because the back seat had been folded up and was smack up against the front seats. But obviously it could! You don't know how relieved I was! I came home and called my husband back and cried for 20 minutes to him. :0) The whole time I had thought that I didn't care about anything else in my purse, if I could just get back my passport, my Irish registration card, and my Temple recommend. :0) Now I have to ask myself - who's more eccentric - me or my friend?


Delirious said...

A few years ago I took all of the cards out of my wallet and photo copied them in case my purse ever got stolen. I think I need to do that again for any new ones I might have gotten since then.

Amber said...

whew! I'm so glad you found it - how scary, I didn't believe you could actually leave it in the restaurant though, I think you would definitely miss not carrying it. This is why I fully believe they need to build some kind of "purse-holder" in cars!