Monday, November 17, 2008


Whenever my brother says goodbye at our family chats,he says "Luv yer guts". My sisters and I are always trying to come up with something similiar to say back to our him. I was thinking we should come up with a list, so we'd have something to go by, since he signs off so fast you barely have time to think.
So here's some sayings I've come up with:

Adore yer adnoids
Care for yer colon
Lovin' yer liver
Ecstatic about yer eyelids
Dig yer duodendum
Pleased about yer pinkie
Relish yer reumatism
Like yer larynx
Covet yer clavical
Envy yer eyes
Happy for yer hair
Glad for yer gallbladder
Elated for yer eyebrows
Here's more from Amber & Delirious:
Best to yer breasts
Appreciate yer appendix
Cherish yer chunkiness
Attached to yer arteries
Enjoy yer ears
Partial to yer pecs
Friendly to yer fingers
Infatuated with yer irises
Devoted to yer tailbone
Bewitched by yer brain
Sweet on yer stomach
Idolize yer intestines
A kiss for yer kidney
Ecstatic for yer elbow
Luv yer lungs
Thankful for yer thyroid
From Sticks:
Not knockin' yer knees
From Inside Stories:
Dig yer bones

Can you think of any more?


Amber said...

Best to your breasts
Appreciate your appendix
Cherish your chunkiness
Attached to your arteries
Enjoy your ears
Fond of your feet
Partial to your pecs
Friendly to your fingers
Infatuated with your irises
Devoted to your derriere
Respect your retinas
Tender to your tailbone

Delirious said...

No fair...I wanted to go first. :0P Mine are sounding a little stupid, but here goes. lol

Bewitched by your brain
Sweet on your Stomach
Idolize your intestines
A kiss for your kidneys
Ecstatic for your elbow
Love your lungs
Thankful for your thyroid

Inside Stories said...

I always say "Dig yer bones" although I truly hope I will never have to.