Monday, June 16, 2008


Since yesterday was Father's Day, here are my memories. The first one about my dad and the second one about my husband:

My dad was a great gardener. He landscaped our home, including putting in rock walls and steps. We had a flower garden on one side of the house where Dad had planted petunias. One time he called me over and showed me how to pinch off the head of the petunia after it had withered. He told me if I did this, then the plants would grow more blossoms. So everytime I passed that flower bed, I always had to stop and pinch off all the withered or dead blossoms before going on. Dad seemed to always know all about the flowers and plants and was always telling me about them. I can remember him even letting me mow the backyard sometimes, but he wouldn't let me mow the upper level. I loved our backyard and loved to play out there. We had lilac bushes all across the back of the yard and a peony bush - which was my favorite. Dad planted - I'm not sure if this is the right name - seedum - on the rock walls. I thought it was cool to pick a piece and squeeze it. I loved the stone steps he built on the side of the house and in the back, separating the two backyard levels. I used to play that the backyard was my house and the side steps and gate were my front door. One time Dad had got some 2'X 4"s for something. He let us play with them and we used them to "outline" a house that we could play in. We used leaves for dishes and found "forked" sticks to use - yes - for forks. I used to wish that I could just really live outside in my backyard. We use to put on neighborhood variety shows, using the upper level of the backyard for our stage. One time, after our cat died, we decided we would dig the cat back up - for what reason, I don't know. We "thought" we knew where Dad had buried him, so we got a couple of shovels and started digging. We dug a pretty good hole - at least 3" deep or more. Dad didn't seem to mind - mainly because he knew that was not where he buried old Scamper. He just told us to fill the hole back in when we got tired of digging. I always wondered where Scamper was buried and wondered if it was under the peony bush?

My husband "L" went to college for almost the first 10 years of our marriage. He worked full-time and went to school full-time the last 5 years. My kids don't think their dad had a lot to do with them as babies, since he was always studying at night, but he did. Several of my babies had problems with lots of colic. He always would take them and lay them on his knees and gently rub their tummies to help them get rid of the colic. My kids always spit up a lot when they were babies, and I remember many times when L "got it" all over his shirt or even down inside his shirt when he was rocking them. One time when my 2nd daughter was a toddler, I had to go to the store at night because I had been babysitting all day. I thought she would lay in my bed while her dad sat beside her at his desk studying. It took me about an hour since I had a lot of groceries to buy. When I got back, there she was sitting on her dad's lap. She had cried the whole time I was gone and he was rocking her. With daughter #1 he would go in her room to have a "tea party" with her. He would actually sit at her little table and let her set the table and bring him "tea". Whenever he would play his guitar, the girls loved to listen to him and "dance".



gilbert girl said...

Maybe the cat was really in the dumpster like ours...I used to love to listen to Daddy play the guitar.

Bullet for Babs said...

I like hearing stories about both of those dads...especially your dad because I don't think I really know what he used to be like...which is kind of sad...and Dad should pick up guitar again...

Delirious said...

I refuse to bury any animals in our backyard. I don't want the racoons to dig them up. :)

I have often thought of buying Dad a greenhouse, but I think at his age, he probably wouldn't use it. I should have bought it 10 years ago.

Inside Stories said...

Gilbert Girl, I saw Dad go back in the yard with the shovel and the dead cat, and come back with just the shovel, so I know Scamper didn't end up in the dumpster. :0)
Nene, I am glad you mentioned the flower gardening that Dad did, I forgot about that.
I gave Mom some zucchini plants I had left over from planting my garden and Dad about had a fit she took them, so I think his gardening phase might be over. :0)

Amber said...

LOL does it make me evil that I laughed when I read gilbert girl's comment - it was so true, I remember I tried digging up either daisy or one of the cats once - I did love listening to daddy play and i still say he played at our second house, i really think it's cute that he had tea parties with W-- it's cute to imagine gruff old cranky daddy having a tea party LOL. Maybe that is where we all get our love for gardening from grandpa - I can't wait to have a house again so I can have a garden! - Great blog mom!!