Monday, May 5, 2008


I was tagged by Delirious to do a tag on page 161 of a book I'm reading. I just finished reading a book with my grandaughter for a school "reading buddy" project. The book we read was THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH by Norton Juster. Here is the quote from page 161:

"It flew toward the wall for several seconds in a high, lazy arc and then struck ever so lightly just to the right of the big door. For an instant there was an ominous stillness, quieter and more silent than ever before, as if even the air was holding its breath.
"And then, almost immediately, there was a blasting, roaring, thundering smash, followed by a crushing, shattering bursting crash, as every stone in the fortress came toppling to the ground and the vaults burst open, spilling the sounds of history into the wind."

I tag:
Bullet for Babs


Amber said...

what did you think of this book? i've tried reading it a couple of times before but never got more than a few pages in because it just seemed TOO silly for my tastes - did i not give it enough of a chance?

Nene said...

I thought it was a cute book. I liked how the main character has his "eyes opened" to see what all there is to learn in the world. I liked how the author used different things like numbers and letters, words, time, etc. It wasn't a favorite book, but it was cute to read once.