Monday, February 4, 2008


Delirious tagged me to write this blog about 5 things I hate and 5 things I love. I know I have more than these, and reserve the right to blog about the others another time, but this is what I was thinking about now.


1. I hate people who are fake. I knew a lady in Texas who used to call me up and say, "How is the wonderful, charming, talented [Nene] today?" I usually told her she had the wrong number. I especially hate the kind of people you know are saying some kind of fake compliment out of one side of their mouth while they are making fun of you out of the other side of their mouth.

2. I hate road rage. I have been the victim of road rage more than once and didn't even know what I had done. One time in a parking lot, a guy thought I was mad because he took my parking space There were actually 2 spaces and I parked next to him. When I got out of the car he started yelling at ME because he thought I was making fun of him because I kept looking to see if he was going to get out first since he pulled in first. When he didn't get out, I finally did - then he got out and started yelling. Another time I did something (?) and this guy leaned back over his seat and shot me the finger and held it there for the entire red light. Whatever.

3. I've hated it when I've gone to several resturaunts lately and the food has been so salty you could hardly choke it down. Next time I refuse to eat it. I also hate a bad server.

4. I hate rap music, especially when it is vibrating the walls of my house or the windows in my car.

5. I hate to be in bad moods and keep wondering if there is some magic formula to snap you out of them.


1. I love a good book. I just finished The Golden Compass series and am now reading "Inkspell".

2. I agree with Inklings, I love Jim Dale's voice when he reads the Harry Potter books. The whole time I was listening to the HP series, I wondered if there were any other books Jim Dale has read for. I'd like to listen to those just to listen to him read. Reminds me of the "readers" in the Inkheart series.

3. I love just talking with my husband. He is the only person I know, who I truly believe is interested in what I am saying.

4. I used to love to walk. When I was a kid I walked everywhere. I never wanted my mom to take me to school because I loved to walk to school (and home) by myself. I haven't been able to walk comfortably for years and I miss that. I wish I could get back to where I could walk long distances again.

5. I love it when it is a rainy day (we don't have many here) and I put headphones on and listen to a good book (Harry Potter) and either clean my house, bake stuff, or just putter around the house.

I tag Bullet for Babs, Twist, Sticks, and Just One Mom


Delirious said...

Oh, I forgot about the rap music that makes the fillings in your teeth vibrate...I HATE that too!

Lindsay-Weaver said...

Our office has this code for your Hate Item #1. The two men that started our company used to tell a neighborhood kid (who was handicapped, this is a terrible story...)nice things to get him to do stuff. His name was Roy. So at our office if someone starts being too cheesy nice, you just say, "Don't Roy me." *L*