Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Friday

How many of you went shopping on Black Friday? After last year I swore I would never go again. Last year I got up at 4:15, brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes and went to Office Max where they were selling MP3 players cheap. Yes, I got the 2 MP3 players I wanted and for the price I wanted. I was only about the 6th or 7th person in line. As I was happily leaving with my purchases, congratulating myself for not only getting up early, but picking a place that wasn't quite as popular as the Best Buy across the street, I heard a customer comment that they had been across the street and a fight had broken out. As I left the parking lot I saw a couple of police cars making their way, sirens blaring, to Best Buy. So I resolved to never do that again, and felt lucky that I hadn't been at the Best Buy. So this year I didn't get up to join in the craziness, but Friday night about 8pm, after my husband had put up the Christmas tree, I realized I still had enough time to run to Dillards to get that bead garland I wanted, so off I went. There weren't many people there, but I did get the bead garland at 33% off - what a deal!


Delirious said...

We decided to go on a family outing, so were gone most of the day. In the evening, I decided to run to Walmart to get some things I saw on sale that we need (not christmas presents). I didn't have to wait in long lines, but I still got what I wanted. SCORE!

Native Minnow said...

I've never risen early to shop those sales, and probably never will. I hate people too much, and try to avoid crowds whenever possible.